The Hardest Parts of Being Married to a Military Member

When we all think of what the hardest part of being married to a Military member would be, it's always the same. The D-word. Yes, I am talking about deployments. A word we are not allowed to say in my house. However, we have been very lucky not to have experienced that aspect of the … Continue reading The Hardest Parts of Being Married to a Military Member

The Girlfriend vs. The Wife

How A Girl Changes When Becoming a Wife From a Girlfriend Some people think when they get married their relationship won't change. I thought the same thing. Trust me, it does. These scenarios are based on how my relationship has changed since we've been married: Your ideal Saturday night: Girlfriend: Gets ready for an hour … Continue reading The Girlfriend vs. The Wife

S/O Basic Training Do’s & Don’ts

My Significant Other Went to Basic Training... Now What? It's always a wonderful day when your significant other goes who knows where, doing who knows what, just to get into the Military, right? No. It sucks. That was me just six and a half months ago. I said goodbye (too many times) and came home to … Continue reading S/O Basic Training Do’s & Don’ts