Fall 2018 Morning Routine

Hey everyone!

And welcome to the newest lifestyle section of Faith, Love, and Camouflage!

I am so excited to start yet another new part of our journey and be able to write about it! We are planning on having some major lifestyle changes in the next few months, so I am hoping to expand and revamp this blog to change and grow as much as we do!

Now, on with the post!

*For the sake of post length, I am going to break this up into two posts, one will be morning, and the other will be evening.*

I can’t express enough how much having a consistent morning and evening routine has helped me wake up more refreshed, be ready for my day, get a better night’s sleep, and be more overall productive throughout the day.

I have a goal in mind, I achieve that goal and I am all ready to take on the world!

Let’s start with my morning routine!

Fall 2018 Morning Routine

This is a simple photo I made that I have hanging up on my corkboard by my desk. I look at it all day so I know when I wake up in the morning I have a goal in mind to make my day as productive as possible. This is necessary with any job, but especially when you work from home and you find yourself not knowing what to do with your time and binging Netflix all day.

  • I wake myself up at 6:30. That is two hours before the start of my workday. I use the BedTime app on iPhone to wake me up with peaceful music and to track my sleep from the night before. It is so simple to set up and it gets you on a very consistent schedule!
  • Coffee. I am definitely basic when it comes to my love for coffee. As much as I would love to kick my caffeine addiction, that’s a goal I am saving for 2019. The first thing I do when I wake up and get myself a cup of coffee and a nice cold bottle of water. I like to flush my system before I get started for the day, and now that fall is rolling around the warm coffee on a cold day really gets me in a positive mindset for my tasks ahead!
  • Read the news. This is actually a new thing for me. While I always had a pretty loose morning routine, I decided to add this one in when I got more purposeful about my mornings. I wanted to be more aware of what was going on in the World, and while I have my own personal gripes about the news, trying to weed out the facts from biased opinions and understand the state of our World seemed like a good idea to me. I am now informed and able to make my own opinions as I please.
  • Straighten up. One of the most important things I find about predicting how my day is going to go is what my apartment looks like! If my apartment is a mess, my entire day feels completely off and I can’t fully focus on anything but the disorganization surrounding me. Having a clean and tidy space puts you in the right mindset to take on your day with purpose!
  • Walking Dexter. During the summer, taking the dog for a walk was my least favorite thing to do. I am not a fan of the heat, and my allergies get extra real during the summer months. But now that it’s fall, what better way to get yourself outside and moving than to take the dog for a nice stroll? He gets a nice long potty break, and I get to enjoy my favorite time of the year!
  • Make a to-do list. Going back to working from home and getting lost in Netflix binging and having an overall unproductive day, I started making a to-do list every morning before I start work. I write down everything I need to do for both work, and personally that day. This practice keeps me honest and keeps me going throughout the entire day and evening. I’ll also add anything I can think of to future to-do lists for that week. There is nothing more satisfying than checking a task off of that list!
  • Organizing my desk. Right after I lay out my tasks for the day, I get my workspace organized. I prioritize my paperwork and remove anything in excess that I don’t need laying on my desk. If everything is laid out for me, I can’t wait to get it all done and get that off my desk as well. I have found that I work faster, and more efficiently when everything is laying out in front of me.

Implementing this morning routine into my schedule has made such a huge difference in such a short amount of time! I can’t wait to change it up throughout the seasons and see how much more productive I can be in just two hours!

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