Going Against The Crowd

Hey everyone!

Another section on the self-love journey coming out today! I know that I’ve said this so many times, but this mini-series has meant so much to me. Every post I make about these topics makes me feel so wonderful, and I am so glad that people are actually reading them and maybe even getting ideas of ways to improve their own lives.

This post, in particular, has been something that I have been making so important in my life recently. And, as usual, we’re going to start off with a story before I really get to the point.

If I still have your attention, let’s get right into it! ūüėÄ

First and foremost, I have mentioned in numerous posts that I truly believe any way a person enjoys their time is great. As long as a person isn’t harming themselves, or anyone else I am all for it. I am not saying that what I enjoy is right and everyone else is wrong, this is strictly my experiences when comparing my interests and hobbies to others.

When I was younger, I was an allstar cheerleader. All of my friends did “real sports”. Now, I am going to be real, cheerleading¬†is in fact, a sport.¬†I went to a gym, practiced for uncountable hours, sweat my body weight, and worked harder for that than I have anything else in my life. It kept me fit, it kept me out of trouble, it kept me working for something, and it kept me social. This was my first experience of going against the crowd because even my close group of friends didn’t understand what the huge deal was. But it was my life. And as a kid, I didn’t notice at the time, but I was being typecasted. I don’t know if I didn’t notice or didn’t care, but people said things about my being a cheerleader. I was told I “didn’t have the body for it”, or that I clearly wasn’t working very hard because cheerleading isn’t a sport anyway, or even that I was obsessive with something that was completely stupid. Even the positives were stereotypical, I was told that I wasn’t as bratty or stuck up as a typical cheerleader. But even through all of that, I know those were the best 11 years of working hard in a¬†sport¬†I truly loved.

cheer unedited (2)

Omg look how little I was!

There are so many other things I enjoy that my friends don’t. I love being a “housewife”. I love to cook, clean, help my husband out, take care of our dog, Dexter, and decorate my home with personal touches. I say “housewife”, because although I do work full-time, I consider what I do around my house being housewife duties. My friends, however, don’t understand that I am happy where I am. I have heard some of the most¬†ridiculous¬†comments on where I have chosen to go with my life, and I can’t say that some of those comments didn’t hurt. I felt ashamed that I wasn’t in the “normal” 23-year-old scene, and it made me hate the fact that I loved what I was doing. I felt that I was wrong for not wanting to go out drinking in the city every weekend, or that I was married in general. That I went out on my own and never wanted to look back.

There are so many other things as well. I love to cook, I value my relationship with God so much, I don’t drink very often, and when I do I like wine as opposed to liquor, I was the only smoker in my group of friends and now the only one who vapes, I drink my coffee black,¬†I blog,¬†I hate just going to the gym and would rather take a fitness class or some other sort of group activity. There were so many things that made me so different than most of my friends.

It killed me, but I was still in the mindset of hating myself for what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. I felt like I needed to be someone or something else in order to “fit in”. I was miserable trying to make myself into something I wasn’t just to please everyone else around me.

And, (as stupid as this sounds) one thing changed all of this for me.


Spyro The Dragon.

Let me explain…

When I was a kid (like 3 or 4), one of my fondest memories was when my Mom came home one day with a PlayStation. She bought us a few games, and one day she came home with that wonderful, little purple dragon. I remember in the summer, anytime it would be a rainy, gross day with nothing else to do, we would play those games together. In the mornings while we woke up before breakfast, we would play those games together. An hour or two before bedtime, we would play that game together.

We had so much fun, and to this day we both talk about those memories. My Mom was my very best friend, which made those memories even more precious, even when my home life was less to be desired. (For more context on this I recommend hopping over to Forgiving the Unforgivable, which explains more about the importance of the relationship with my mom).

Fast forward to April of this year, and it was announced that¬†Spyro¬†would be getting a remaster of the original trilogy for the PS4 and Xbox. I couldn’t believe it. The child in me was so excited. So excited, in fact, that my husband went out and bought me a PS4 just so I could play it on a familiar console when the game came out. For my birthday, he preordered the game for me and since has asked me about all the YouTube videos I was watching for the hype about the game. (Just some more reasons as to why he’s the real MVP) ūüėČ


But I can’t lie to all of you, part of me felt so silly. I mean, I was excited about a child’s video game at the age of 23. All of my friends are out clubbing and drinking and living it up back in my hometown, and here I am getting so hyped about something that they would feel was so stupid. It almost bothered me to the point that I wasn’t going to buy the game and return my new PS4.

But I continued to watch the YouTube videos. And I found a couple of my favorite new YouTubers, who mentioned a Spyro Community. 

Wait, what?

People were so hyped about this game. Just as much as I was and even more. They started telling their own childhood stories and explained why these games were so important to them. There were so many other people like me out there, and they were all coming together and sharing their excitement about this game. Sharing the very same nostalgia factor that was tugging on my heartstrings.

It was so much fun for me to hear other people’s opinions and discussing their thoughts about the new and old games. Spending hours watching live streams and finding little Easter Eggs that were thrown in to play on my nostalgia even more.

Other people were interested in the same thing as me. And as lame as it might sound, it was life-changing.

I started to ask myself why I should be ashamed of something that meant so much to me? Why should I be ashamed of something that I enjoy, just because it was different than everyone else I was around? It doesn’t hurt anyone, it doesn’t change me as a person, so why was I letting those feelings get to me? Why was I embarrassed to the point that I almost didn’t experience something that meant so much to me as a kid? It makes me happy, it brings back some of the most wonderful memories I have as a child, and I would do anything to go back to those simpler days of playing Playstation with my mom while eating breakfast.

I love these games. Just like I love so many other things that bring happiness into my life. I love that there are so many other people out there like me that have wonderful memories of playing these games as a kid. I love that they are as excited as I am for the release date to experience those memories all over again. I love that there is a community for this adorable little dragon. I love that there are so many incredible YouTubers that are bringing this community together for something that holds such a special place in the hearts of so many.

I will not be ashamed of the things I enjoy. I will get excited for whatever I want to, no matter how anyone else feels about it. And that’s my advice to anyone reading this. Fitting in isn’t everything. If your friends make you feel inferior because of what you enjoy, that isn’t right. I promise you, there are people out there with the same interests as you, you just have to find them. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re lame or stupid for liking something that they don’t. It doesn’t make you stupid. Just like it doesn’t make them stupid for liking something that you don’t.

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy meant so much to me as a kid, and now as an adult, I can say that these games made me realize something about my life that I never realized as a teen and in my early twenties. I am proud to say that I, like so many others out there, have found something to be excited about. Something to enjoy and experience with millions of other people all over the World who share the same feelings about this game.

Be who you are. Enjoy what you want to enjoy. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong or stupid. You are a beautiful human being, and God made you who you are for a reason.

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Also, don’t forget to reply if you benefitted from this post or if you’re part of the wonderful Spyro community!


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