Healthy Habits Goals

Hey guys!

We’re back with another self-love: mini-series post! This has been so much fun and I never thought I would have so many ideas for this mini-series, but I really hope to continue this as long as I can. It not only keeps me on the right track, but anyone who wants their own ideas or to go on this journey with me can benefit from these posts!

These are personal goals for me, and if your goals are different than mine that’s completely okay! Find your own goals, whatever they might be!

First and foremost, I recommend writing your goals down. I have my goal list written down and decorated and hanging in my office so I am forced too look at it every single day. Having something hanging in front of you all the time will make you remember why you want to accomplish your goals and keep you as committed as possible!

With that: here is my own list to become my own girl boss 😉

  1. Love yourself
  2. Trust in God and His plan
  3. Stick to healthy eating to feel your best
  4. Do workouts that you enjoy
  5. Drink tea; feel fancy
  6. **Start blogging again**
  7. Don’t give in to negativity
  8. Don’t let a setback define you
  9. Stop worrying about the little things
  10. Take time for yourself and yourself alone
  11. Do what you need to do to feel productive
  12. Treat yourself with experiences and presents when you do well with your goals
  13. Find who you are
  14. Do NOT be ashamed of what you enjoy
  15. Strive to be a good person
  16. be CONFIDENT in yourself
  17. Conquer your anxiety
  18. Be thankful for those in your life
  19. Practice self care to make yourself feel better
  20. Get out of your comfort zone
  21. Embrace your own personality; don’t change it for anyone
  22. Be neat and tidy, but don’t let it control your life
  23. Take pictures; make memories
  24. Bad times don’t last forever
  25. Take advantage of the spot you’re in
  26. Always look your best to feel your best
  27. Provide your best work in everything you do
  28. Be HAPPY and THANKFUL for what you have in your life!

I have made this list more general for anyone who wants to follow along or get any ideas for their own girl boss goals 😀 I’ve made my own extremely personal, and I urge you to do the same.

I know this was one of my shorter posts, but instead of sitting around on Facebook while I couldn’t sleep tonight, I decided to get this out there. This list has been so great for me to look at every day. It helps me stay motivated and keep myself on track.

Even when I have a setback, when I look at my list I have to remember that life will never be 100% on track. That is why I made sure to include that one setback does not define you on my list. I have been known to have one setback and let myself quit the journey I’ve been trying to get myself on for so long.

But that is it for this post everyone 🙂 Please leave a reply below of your own rules to live by to be a boss in your own life! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, follow our Pinterest Board, and subscribe to this blog for new posts!

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