Keep it Simple, Keep it Personal

Hey guys!


So as we all know, I am in this journey of finding love for myself after struggling for years wishing I was someone else. Or even that I had already fought and accomplished my goals so I wouldn’t have to be doing it now. But the more and more I try to learn about myself and those around me, I can see how much of a waste of time that is.

I am me. I will never be anyone else but me, and in order for me to move forward I not only have to make goals but reach them.

I have been spending way too much time on YouTube looking for motivation tips, fitness advice, lifestyle hacks, what to do in the morning to ensure you have a productive day, you name it, I’ve looked at it. This was all great, but I was still spending my entire day in front of a screen instead of doing things, which was the whole point.

I totally support people on YouTube sharing their ideas and their life hacks, I even hope to be one of those people soon. They are truly motivational and I give them so much credit for sharing their lifestyles in hope to help someone else. They are truly rocking it.

But what is the difference between them and me? I watched and gained knowledge of their lifestyles like my brain was a dry sponge becoming wet with ideas under a faucet. I tried to schedule where I would fit these tips and tricks in and plan every little minute of my day to get everything down to a perfect little T.

It can get so confusing, though. Some of them tell you to get 8 hours of sleep, others say 10, others say it doesn’t matter at all. Some swear by their coffee in the mornings, others tell you to quit it all together. Some do keto, some do paleo, some intermittent fast, some use intuitive eating. Some say weight lifting is the way to go, others say drown your life in cardo. Work out five days a week? Work out three? Work out seven? Where should my rest day be? When is the best time to work out? When should I go to bed?

Then I realized. I am me, they are them. Maybe the girl who swore off coffee didn’t react to caffeine like I do. Maybe the girl who works out at night gets a better nights sleep rather than feeling so sluggish working out in the morning. They found what works for them, and it’s no wonder they swear by it. Because it makes their lives and the way they feel just how they want it to be.

They got it together.

I realized that’s all I ever really wanted. I watched and studied friends, family, YouTubers, bloggers, (anyone really), and I tried everything just to feel like I could finally get it together. But really, I needed to look at myself and do the things that made me feel like I had it together.

Do I 100% know what that is yet? No. Absolutely not. I’m 23, and anyone who has it together at 23 is superhuman. I absolutely commend you.

But I do know this:

If I don’t start my day productive, it won’t become productive later in the day, and I won’t feel satisfied when I go to bed that night. So I start in the morning and keep motivated to get all of my tasks done before I cook dinner and settle in for the evening.

I enjoy my morning coffee, but if I have more than two cups I get jittery and the caffeine crash will kill me. I’ll feel hungrier before I break my fast, and I’ll probably end up taking a nap that I don’t want to make time for. So I limit my coffee intake to that one or two cups.

No matter what it is, if I don’t feel like doing it, I am going to want to put it off and/or not do it at all. But I can’t express to you how much better I feel when I just make myself do whatever it is. So I try to make myself do it and get it done to feel that sense of accomplishment.

I feel horribly guilty and snowball into a bad mindset when I don’t do things I know I need to get done. So I do my best to avoid the bad mindset and set a realistic to do list for every day. I try to cut myself some slack when I don’t get things done as well.

My stress level skyrockets when I plan something big and it has to be changed because of something I can’t control. (I know, I am a control freak and it’s an issue.) I am trying to train myself to be more lenient because life (especially Military life) is always changing and there’s always something going on to throw me out of my routine.

Drinking hot tea with less or no caffeine throughout my day makes me feel less hungry and better overall. (and it helps me drink a lot more water.) So I bought a variety pack off of amazon and tried so many types of different tea to see which ones are my favorites.

There are so many more, but once I took the time to actually realize this about myself I found that my own personal life hacks are so much better for me than anything I have found in anyone else. I completely urge you to use others for inspiration and try different things that they do to see if it makes a difference in your life. Just don’t feel like you are unsuccessful if some of their lifestyle aspects don’t work for you.

Find your own lifestyle. Do what you enjoy. Set goals. Do what you need to do to achieve those goals. Make yourself better. Make yourself grow. Do whatever it is in this crazy life that makes you happy and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re doing it wrong.

You are your own person just like I am my own person and everyone else is their own person. Appreciate yourself and others for who they are and keep up making yourself and those around you feel good.

If you guys have any of your own life hacks leave them in the comments below to see if anyone else can try something you swear by out for themselves! Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest! Links are on the Home page! 😀

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