S/O Basic Training Do’s & Don’ts

My Significant Other Went to Basic Training… Now What?

It’s always a wonderful day when your significant other goes who knows where, doing who knows what, just to get into the Military, right? No. It sucks.

That was me just six and a half months ago. I said goodbye (too many times) and came home to lay in bed and stare at my ceiling. 

Now what?

To make things easy, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts for when your significant other goes off to Basic Training:

Do: Take a day off of work to enjoy yourself.

Watch Netflix, invite a friend to go out to dinner, anything that makes you feel like you’re doing okay (even if you’re not). 

Don’t: Eat a quart of ice cream to yourself to try to feel better.

It seems like a great idea at the time, but then you’re left with nothing but a spoon and disappointment. It didn’t really change anything, and now that new diet is off to a horrible start.

Do: Start a countdown to when you will see them again.

There are plenty of countdown apps. You can even put a sweet picture of you two as the background. I recommend using a countdown with a week counter because the weeks seem to go a lot faster.

Don’t: Become involved in a long-term relationship with your bed.

While it totally sucks that all communication with your special person seems to be severed, it’s important to make sure you get out of bed. Talk to your family, friends, or any other support system you know you can rely on.

Do: Make mini time-goals throughout your time apart.

This was a big help to me while my now husband was away for training. Our halfway point, 100-day countdown were a few of the best ones. And while your birthday or a graduation without your significant other may be hard, looking forward to other milestones along the way will give you shorter goals to look forward to rather than simply waiting for it to be over. 

Don’t: Worry that your significant other is going to forget about you.

I can’t speak for everyone, but chances are your S/O thinks about you every day. They miss you just as much as you miss them and they can’t wait to see you either. Don’t let uncertainty get into your head.

Do: Look forward to those few and far between phone calls, letters, and any other small thing you get to share with them.

Some weeks you’ll get an extra phone call, some weeks you won’t get one at all. Some weeks you’ll get three letters, others you’ll get none. Enjoy your new relationship with your mailbox and keep your ringer on loud, it’ll all be worth it.

Don’t: Get Discouraged.

You’ll have good days, and you’ll have bad days. Some days it’ll feel like the only person you want to talk to in the World can’t talk to you back. But you’ll make it through. Whether your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife is the one who left, you’ll be okay. There is so much to look forward to in the future, try to enjoy the experience of learning to do the things you relied on them for. Learn how to change your own tire, or how to cook your own favorite dinner. 


If you have any tips or tricks for those new girls and boys out there dealing with their significant other going to basic training why don’t you share the wealth and comment those below?! Also if you want to be notified about more posts like this one you can follow our twitter! @flcmallory

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